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Beginners daytime, A0/A1 -> A2 starts September 5 / October 3 / November 7
Beginners evening, A0/A1 -> A2 starts September 5 / November 7
Intermediate, A2 -> B1 starts September 5 / October 3 / November 7
Intermediate plus, A2+ -> B1 starts August 3
Advanced, B1-> B2 starts August 2 / September 6
One week training for the civic integration exam, starts August 29 / September 26 / October 24
One week training for the State examination, starts August 29 / September 26 / October 24
read all about the Staatsexamens NT2 and Inburgeringsexamen
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Clients and recommendations
NedLes offers Dutch for non Dutch. We focus on people with a higher education.

As you like
What works better for you - private lessons or lessons in a group? At your office or at home? Some periods intensive, other periods by Skype or mail? The teachers of NedLes know how to design a program just for you, at the times and intensity you prefer.

The NedLes principle
Every lesson and each course follows the NedLes rule: lesson times are reserved for things which absolutely require the teacher's participation, such as conversation practice and the explanation of Dutch grammar. Writing assignments and exercises are done at home and sent to the teacher. That way we don't spend valuable lesson time on work that students can do on their own.

What we offer
Please, take a look here for all our group courses, workshops, corporate training and private lessons. At the agenda you can find the schedule for our coming group courses.

More information
Please, have a look at our website to find out more about us, or contact us to make an appointment to get acquainted.


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